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Originally Posted by ATHENEA View Post
Manu had a great impressive D on Lebron and 2 massive rebs in OT. Where is the love?
Danny Green lost so many defensive assignments I lost count. On BSPN en EspaƱol they joke about how lost he looks on D, always. And couldn't make a shot to save his life. And him with a couple of penetrations he tried just bleh
The only players who really brought it beyond anyone's expectations were TD, Diaw and to some degree, Kawhi.
However when the chips went down it was Manu guarding Lebron and Manu penetrating for the last shot. We can discuss if he was fouled or not, or talk about refs inconsistency.
8 turnovers. That's where the love is.

Face it, if Manu hadn't played Game 6, we'd be champions right now. I love him, too, but he was god-awful that game. A true fan can acknowledge when their favorite player has a bad game, they don't blindly worship every **** they take.
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