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Where to put the blame?

Last night, I turned off the TV right after the game ended. Didn't stay to watch the post game conference to "calm myself down" a little bit and went right to sleep. Or at least try to.

I was in bed turning around and thinking of all the "what if" I could come up with (in no particular order).
What if they had grabbed that rebound instead of tipping it to Miller so he could assist LeBron on that 3?
What if Ray Allen had stepped on the line?
What if the refs had called the foul on Manu's last drive?
Or what if any other ref call or no call against us had gone in our favour?
What if any of the Spurs that went to the line at the end of the game was able to make both his FTs instead of splitting them?
What if Pop had taken a timeout when Manu grabbed the rebound and sped up court to draw a play to try to win the game?
What if any of our Spurs had made one less mistake (specially turnovers) throughout the game?
Or what if any of our guys had made one more shot?

There was a moment in the game when the refs called something against the Heat and Battier was talking the ref in an agitated manner all the way until the Spurs were about to inbound the ball. The spanish commentator was saying (in a joking tone) that Battier was "discussing Nuclear Physics with the ref". And I remember thinking at that time that the ref should call a technical on Battier just to shut him up.

So when I was in bed I even got to think
What if the ref had called that techincal?

After an hour of laying in the bed my head was still racing with "what ifs" and my heart was also racing as if I had just ran a mile.

I had to put the blame on someone or something to try to somehow explain what had happened at the end of game 6. I blamed the refs (always the easy scapegoat), blamed Pop, blamed Manu, blamed Allen... I blamed almost every Spurs and Heat player in turns. But non of those things would let me settle down and finally get some sleep.

My heart was broken (as I'm sure many of you experienced last night) and couldn't find where to put the blame to try to fix it (or at least, mend it a little bit).

So (as a last resort) I tried putting the blame aside and looking at the bigger picture.
If someone told me after we lost to OKC last year or at the beginning of this year that we were going to be playing Game 7 of the NBA Finals in Miami I would have been all for it.
If someone had told me after last year Conference Finals that the Spurs would respond to Game 2 and Game 4 losses the way they did in Game 3 and Game 5 I would have thought they were talking about another team, not these Spurs.

At one moment last night, during the 4th quarter, the commentator said this was a battle between heavy weights.
The Heat and the Spurs have been the best teams in these playoffs. They both have faced adversity and were able to overcome everything so far. They have been playing lots of NBA games this season and games with a lot of intensity all throughout these playoffs and they are still standing.
If the Heat were able to sustain the energy and the focus for 48 minutes every game, this series would have been over by now.
If the Spurs were able to sustain the torrid shooting and execution for 48 minutes every game, this series would have been over by now.
Both teams have been giving all they have and are both running on their last fumes. It kind of reminds me of that Rocky movie where both fighters were tired as hell but would not give up and kept throwing punches to the other guy hitting them as hard as the little energy they had would let them.
The Spurs have been throwing their share of punches but even though we as fans don't like it, the Heat have been doing the same and they are good at it.

Last night I had dinner with my Dad before the game and he asked me who would win last night's game. I told him that for Game 6 I had the same feeling I've been having all series. That it was a coin toss. I feel like these two teams are very different from each other but are still very even and there is no clear favorite. And I'm still feeling the same way for tomorrow's game.

After thinking all that I was finally able to sleep a few hours before having to get up to go to work this morning. It didn't fix my "heartbreak" (I think nothing short of a game 7 win will do), but at least it helped me "calm down" a little bit and "endure" the hours and minutes before game 7 tip off.

So let's all hope tomorrow these Spurs can "fix" our broken hearts.
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