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I'm not down on Anyone but Manu for a poor game because it's the exception to the norm. I wasn't too high on Manu after game 5 because it was the exception to the norm. His 8 turnovers, choking on a game clinching ft, falling down instead of guarding Allen on that 3 at the end (among many other blown defensive assignments) and a -21 point differential are now to be expected. Manu's poor and inconsistent play has given The heat 3 wins.

When great wing players get older and lose a step, they develop an outside shot. Look at Kobe. Sure he can sometimes take the slower players off the dribble but his points have shifted from the paint to the wing. Manu hasn't developed that shot. He keeps trying to drive against players that are faster or just as fast and the results are usually bad.

If Manu wants to come back next season, I wouldn't be against it but he would have to take a HUGE pay cut. We need a backup pg and can't rely on manu for that anymore. We can rely on him to be a great teammate and benchwarmer while making us pull out our hair in amazement and/or frustration at least twice a game.

If I were pop, I'd play Manu for 4 mins in the first half. If he's on, I'd let him play until he ran out of gas. As soon as he turned the ball over, jacked up an ill-advised shot or blew a defensive assignment, i'd pull him and tell him I'm sorry but you just don't have it. If he played well in the first half I'd give him another shot in 2nd with the same restrictions.

Speaking of pop, is it just me or has he gone soft? In the old days he'd be mean when he had to answer questions between quarters. Now he's tolerable. He also used to pull players when they were playing too wild, now he ignores when Manu is playing like crap.
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