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Game 7......Nothing Left to say...

Before the year started....we had plenty of questions about the Spurs.

I know last nights loss was brutal...I could not sleep and every time I woke up thinking about being up 5 points with .28 left.

seeing the red tape around the arena .....i started to taste it.

After Lebron turned the ball over and Tony stole it ....I kept telling mt wife "We are gonna get it!!!" We are gonna get it!!!"

Truth is...we CAN "STILL"GET IT....I know this....the Spurs Tea, knows this.

Its not over....The Spurs can win this Game 7....I know today it feels me every Spurs fan last night was heartbroken. Even the players RIGHT after the game.....but this morning the team and Spurs will realize that there still is a shot to get what we cam to do.

Even as good as Miami played down the stretch and the way we gave it to them late in the game...they are gonna have to do it AGAIN and thats something they have not been able to do in Back to Back games this whole Finals.(even last round)

Trust me(After last nights game) when I say the Heat think they have this series...and thats where the Spurs still have a shot...the Heats attitude may cost them Game 7.

The Spurs are mentally tougher then Miami...they dont have the skill set or prob not even the talent, but they have something Miami does not have in them....they believe in each other as a team....

The Spurs will get game 7 BECAUSE of last night....

There not gonna let the Championship slip through there fingers for another 48 minutes...the Spurs know whats in there grasps.

I expect the best overall game from the Spurs on Thursday....and hopefully when its all said and done they will be the last team standing....

Like Pop said and some like myself have brought up...Its the Finals, its not supposed to be easy..We are gonna have to take it Thursday Night!!!!Have some faith after all we have been through with this team this year..

SPURS IN 7!!!!!
Brooklyn's #1 Spurs fan!!!
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