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Very Disappointed Loss for My Spurs! But we still one more life!

What an Embarrassing Mental Breakdown by my Spurs at the end.....

I guess it is what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shocked


Spurs choose their destiny here to go the HARD WAY with game 7 and there is no TURNING BACK... We can only move forward!!!!!!

Spurs wasted such a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to clinch and now they got one last life to bring a PERFECT GAME or go home...

The degree of difficulty on game 7 is going to be climbing up hill!!!So much adversities can come with game 7 on the road.
But I still believe my Spurs lead by Pop can still bring it!!!!!:shocked

Very VERY SAD, but I know Spurs will REBOUND with a GREAT GAME 7.

The biggest GLARING thing IMO was the lack of Point Guard to PACE the Offense and execute at the second half when TP was either was on the bench or when he got slowed down by pressure D.

We had TP full strength before he got slowed with this Hammy injury then we have 1/2 to 3/4 of that TP now.

Secondly was the Mental Breakdown on Spurs DEFENSE especially at the very last few seconds!!!!!!

I actually underestimated few factors in this game such as Home Court Advantage!!!!! Inexperience with few of our Spurs who never been there!!!!!Then Pop trusting few Spurs at the end was a real sad sight...Also there is that HEALTH concern of few Spurs who got GASSED at the end!!!

Look It is NOT OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER! And Spurs can't break down on Defense and expect to win game 6 on the road!!!!!!!! DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS but not without few EXECUTIONS down the stretch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!:shocked

No matter what happen in game 7 I will always love my Spurs.

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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