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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Look, you can't fault his coaching decisions, and then ASSUME those same coaching decisions to get us into a position to win.

What I mean: You can't ASSUME Lebron James missing the three and then slam Pop for not having Duncan in the game to grab the rebound. Just as arguably, the miss is because of the fact Duncan's not in the game enabling us to switch.

You can't ASSUME Lebron missing a floater over Manu (who is in in lieu of Parker at that point) on the switch, and then assume TP's absence cost us the game, because TP's presence may have forced a double team and created a better shot for Miami.

And I hated TD/TP being on the bench starting the 4th as much as anybody. But did that decision seem so bad when they had the energy to put us up big with under a minute to go?

You can't ASSUME the Spurs take Lebron's punch and have the energy to come back and take the lead (and let's face it, the way Lebron was playing, it's arguable TD/TP wouldn't have made a difference).

Criticize him, sure. But be real. Don't forget his decisions that worked out on the first half of plays, or that may have helped put the Spurs in position to win.
I really don't have a problem with no timeout to bring Parker back in. A TO allows them to bring shot blockers on the floor.

My issue with the substitutions in the second half was seeing the crap unit we had out there. Pop should have taken Parker out much sooner to minimize the amount of time Manu was the only one of the big 3 on the floor. I also forgot to mention the timeout Pop called when Miller lost his shoe. That decision really pissed me off. He should have made the Heat foul or iso on Miller there.
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