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As bad as some of the calls were against us tonight, you have to respect that the refs didn't give this away to the home team all night.

Consider the no-call on Danny Green's strip of Lebron with seconds left. It wasn't a foul, and Ray Allen did foul Manu-- but IN REAL TIME, it looked like a foul. And how hard was it to not call that with seconds left and Miami's season on the line?

Give the refs credit for that.

And Lebron/Wade were whining for calls all night they didn't get.

And Wade had four fouls.

The refs made some untimely calls that killed us. But I hope we get the same non-homecourt bias officiating in game 7.

That is what worries me. With Joe Crawford you know he'll call it like he sees it. It may not be to your liking, but it won't be because he's letting the crowd influence him.
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