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Originally Posted by 2CENTSWORTH View Post
So you agree with keeping TP on the bench? Would be like sitting Lebron for last possession for Miami.
What I'm saying is I get the decision to have him on the bench defensively. Give us length and enables us to switch. Lebron misses the shot.

If TP's in the game, maybe Lebron makes the shot over TP on the switch (maybe he doesn't, but I take Manu vs. TP on Lebron any day).

So you can't assume the benefit of Pop's decision (missed shot & rebound) and then criticize him for the offensive part-- ESPECIALLY when that involves an epic whistlesuck by the refs.

And arguably, yes, it's the right call offensively. What did TP do on his end of the first half full court drive by Miami? Yeah, that's right. He threw up an off balance fadeaway 18 feet from the basket falling out of bound. You want that at the end?

I love TP, but it's hard to criticize that move considered in context.
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