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Originally Posted by ibanezsr View Post
What statistics? Nobody said anything about banning him but you can't say he hasn't affected the Spurs since 2007. Have you ever noticed the Spurs demeanor when JC refs their games? Not all but there have been some pretty bad performances throughout that time when he refs. Maybe its just a coincidence but I can't ignore how bad the Spurs played in Game 2. Who reffed that game? Hmmmmm. Not saying JC calls a crooked game. Just noticed throughout the time that more times than not it seems they play their worst ball when JC refs it seems. Maybe its just a mental thing at this point?
If there's anything its probably mental. These stats aren't perfect, but gives a good overview of some misconceptions. Does Joey Crawford Really Hate Tim Duncan? A Scientific Investigation - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
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