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Spurs will make SURE they win tonight because we never want this to to go into 7 games because anything can happen in a game 7.

SPURS FOCUS and put 48 Minutes of HELL of Pressure DEFENSE on the HEAT and this series is OVER!!!

This is it Spurs!
It is all up for GRABS and you need to GRAB it!
You control your destiny!
No FEAR Spurs will do it again!!

It had been SOOOOO long since 07 and now is our Spurs time....

LBJ, it is not your turn this year!!

IT is all about who wants it more and who is willing to do whatever it takes!!!

HEAT are now on the brink of losing it Spurs will put them out of their misery tonight!!!

Never stop playing Spurs Ball with that SUFFOCATING INTENSIVE SPURS DEFENSE!until Spurs WIN!!!

Go Spurs Go!!

Go Spurs Go!
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