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Jose, I totally agree with your comment about Neal. Wow. I feel like someone just gave me permission to write an ode to the RED ROCKET.

Typically on other teams the role Bonner fills would be one that was looked down upon or one that players would attempt to avoid resembling. On the Spurs Bonner fills that role in a way his team mates respect and aspire to be like. After all earning Pop's respect is not easy to come by, especially year after year. When you take everything mentioned above into account and add work ethic, heart, and giving 100% when he is on the court it makes a huge impact on team moral and setting a standard for players transitioning into the Spurs system. It reminds me of when Old Man Willis led the team during sprints. Most would consider him the last person to be the motivator of the team on a physical level at that time but he was. Most people would consider Bonner to be the last player responsible for pushing the team to meet the standard of the Spurs system but he's not. As far as the Spurs standard is concerned he's arguably in the top 8. That is why having him consistently present on the bench as a role player is easy to imagine. He will not change the outcomes on your fantasy basketball team by any means but he definitely impacts the dynamics of a team in real life.

The real question is who is going to start the next Neal bashing thread ?

Can't wait for the show tomorrow. Lets hope the SPURS "punch the stuffing out of them"!
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