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Since the Heat have their backs against the wall, in order to win this critical game #6, the Heat have to do something offensively they haven’t singled out in previous games --- direct their offensive flow at Duncan, basically to get him into foul trouble early. If this option is successful, they rid themselves of TD’s defensive influence and have to deal with Splitter and Leonard for rebounds, particularly offensive boards. They will throw their entire bench at the Spurs if need be and will take some questionable chances in order to win. I have this growing fear that in either game #6 or #7, if not both, the Spurs will get homered, get in foul trouble throughout the lineup and be beaten severely at the foul line. Why am I pessimistic and feel that way ---- innate feeling that Sterns has a parting gesture at hand. Am I being a cynic in this regards with my feeling about the commissioner and refs --- damn straight I am
Pessimist: an optimist with experience.
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