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I've been all over the place with Howard. Let's say for a second that we get Howard. A Parker, Green, Leonard, Duncan, Howard lineup would be a defensive juggernaut. That is two hall of fame shot blockers, a developing all-NBA wing defender and another high quality wing defender. On offense, the Spurs can run high/low motion offense with Duncan and Howard. Playbook: Bynum and Gasol High-low Offense | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE PHILADELPHIA 76ERS Duncan has developed an even better outside jump shot than Gasol.

The problem as I've stated before is that Howard is a poor fit in the Spurs culture. There can be no more sources close to player or with knowledge of situation leaking juicy tidbits to BSPN and the rest of the worthless press. Popovich would no longer tolerate Howard the man child. This is where that whole thing breaks down.
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