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Originally Posted by DDAMAGE View Post
thanks.. I like him, he's been money this year and especially this series, and yes his defense has improved but with that being said look at other organization in sports and sometimes like you guys said above, you use breakout players to trade for other player/s to help continue to build this team.

I'm no expert but if there is someone in this years draft like a Kawhi Leonard type, I would pull the trigger to trade Green to get that special player. I just don't know if this year draft has that special player in the 16th on up range. Maybe trade him to the Cavs for the 19th pick but I don't know.

Just afraid he's a system player and once Manu and Tim leave his play goes down..Oh well if he stays for next few years I'm ok with it. FO knows best...thanks for the input. Hope they were not too dumb of questions. haha
I used to hate Danny "Air Ball" Green but he has improved big time. They need to keep him and trading him for a pick in a very shaky draft to me is not a good idea. Although I value the draft a lot it is still a gamble of sorts. One thing I like about the Spurs is their player development and scouting expertise. They find guys like Stephen Jackson, Devin Brown, Gary Neal and Green from the trash dumpsters and scrap piles to perform at a high level at normally low salaries for the most part. Some of it is player ability and potential but a lot of it also is player development and coaching. As far as the draft and taking a gamble.........I would wait till 2014 when the draft reloads more. There is dip in talent this year but some quality will be there still. I say move Bonner draft night and take advantage of his 1 million buck team buyout option. I can see the Spurs being active that night. They are looking good this summer cap wise.
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