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Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Spurs signed him to a reasonable contract before this year. I think he has two more years on that contract.

My sense is that Danny is getting to be a tough defender. The shooting is off-the-charts right now and certainly has much to do with TP's drive-and-dish moves.

He hasn't shown the ability to get to the rim.

He has certainly worked his butt off to earn a spot in the league. Got cut three times and wouldn't take no for an answer. He has developed a great motor.

If the Spurs were inclined to move him, this off-season would be the time because the Finals have been a personal highlight reel for him.
I'd hate to see him go and I doubt you could get anyone to do what he's doing for the same price at what he's doing it at. The only way I could see something happening is if we had to clear room or include him in a trade for a legit big man and since it seems to be that we have no chance of ever getting a decent player i doubt it would happen. But then again that's probably what I thought before we traded G Hill also.
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