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GREAT WIN for our Spurs! They played the GAME Plan till the end!

Give Pop and his coaching partners a whole lot of credit. They put a GREAT Game Plan. Genius move by starting Manu and by doing those one on one isolation to keep TP fresh till the end and close it. Again Pop is making history. With Danny Green shooting this hot from downtown it will be very difficult for HEAT to adjust and pick their poison....

I remember Dirk finals MVP 2011 Nowitzki tore the tendon in his left middle finger but he played through his injury and the Mavs won over the HEAT two years back. TP now is playing through pain in his Hammy and is doing an outstanding job!!! Gotta love that! LOL at history repeating itself.

Our Spurs TEAM played superior basketball and now put a huge burden on the HEAT for game 6. Elimination Game and HEAT have their faces to the wall is not going to be an easy task. Spurs must carry this momentum and bring it to Miami and DELIVER the Finals Knock Out Punch!!!!!

The Greatest thing about Spurs will remain that they never get so high and never get so down. They will recover quickly and stay FOCUSED and get ready to deliver that CLINCH CRUNCH TIME for this Series.

I think we can stick a fork in the HEAT game 6 despite the trend that they come back from a L and never lost 2 in a raw!!!

Game 6 with all the LBJ and the HYPE no question will be a very difficult task, but Manu showing up made a whole lot difference now. HEAT were speechless shocked stumped by Manu's showing up!!! Obviously they have never thought about him as much as this dangerous WEAPON that can come alive.... Spurs are at HUGE Advantage and MOMENTUM mow. Spurs are in the driver seat and will control this series and their destiny to close on Tue IMO.

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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