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Yep it is a TEAM GAME and we need first thing first.
First we need our BIG THREE to BRING it!!!!
Second we need our Role players to Play TEAM Basketball and put in their best effort to get it done!
Third of all we need some luck and health!!!

All Spurs TEAM have to play on the same page and at the same time to get the goal of Championship done!

Manu was a HUGE piece missing now we have that back!!!!!
We now can proceed with no FEAR!
The GIANT had been awaken!

We can't win this Championship without MANU being MANU!

Tony had been CONSISTENTLY leading the team all year long and now in the PO too. Timmy had been doing his job VERY Well.

Now we had solved that PUZZLE and no team should ever beat our Spurs!!


I saw LBJ and WADE after this Spurs win game 5... They looked VERY DEFEATED!!!

Now we can put all the PRESSURE on Miami and play SPURS TEAM BBALL and get one more win done GAME 6 is our Spurs!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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