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SEE How I was right.... You NEVER Underestimate the HEART of this Champion MANU!


Thanks Manu!!

You Rock when you play like that! You took it upon yourself to bring the TRUTH to set us all FREE!!! And you did it!!!!

Manu was DA MAN!!!!

He Brought FEAR and THRILL into this game!!! This is the GREATEST Missing Piece of that PUZZLE revealed MANU!

WELL DONE my Friend Manu! Very Very Well played and executed!
Brilliant Basketbabll IQ that can MOVE the WROLD!!! Legend HOF GREAT CHAMPION MANU!!!!
Spurs are so Blessed to have MANU here...Arg Be Proud of MANU! One of the GREATEST Basketball HOF! No one can deny his Legacy!

NOW we need our Spurs to NEVER get so high but stay on earth and humble and approach next game as if they were down 3-0~~~

Go Spurs Go!

Go Spurs Go!
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