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This to me is a non star draft first off. Second to me it's a point guard and big man heavy draft. I think with a possible trade or buyout of Bonner and Blair moving on also maybe Splitter going too, I see a big man drafted. I know in the draft you go with the best guy. Thankfully there will be ones for the taking bigs wise. Spurs have a ton of point guards period. I see a big man from Brazil on the roster next year and it might not be Splitter. Keep an eye on Lucas Nogueira. He impressed NBA brass here in SA a few years ago at that under 18 international tournament. He was the guy who had the buzz when it ended. I will say his projection is #24-#27 but the Spurs will be a #28 so it can still happen if they stood pat. They might need to trade up to make it happen. But the only thing is that this draft is more like a "trade down" draft versus a "trade up" draft. Also the Spurs will have lots of FA money so they might not feel compelled to move up because then the draft pick gets more money and they might want to do the "draft and stash " move again to free up more money. Sticking to their pick without moving up or down.........I still say Lucas. Opinions?
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