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Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
IMHO if the refs let MIA beat on Splitter, then he can't play at his best. The guy gets no love from the refs.

Amen THAT!!!!!No kidding here!!!

Splitter gets very little RESPECT from the refs. No matter how much Pop defended him the REFS give Tiago very few calls both ends!!!!!

First Pop takes him off that game in the first few seconds that was to let him know!!!!!WARNING!!! I saw the HEAT SUPER ATTACKING!!YOU will Hardly ever get the call with those HEAT ATTACKS. Be very crafty and do not foul out in the next few minutes.

The hacking will then continue and mostly HEAT get the calls. The REFS surely set the table for the HEAT to say it is ok to ATTACK we got your backs here go ahead and roll over the Spurs..

Amazingly refs stop doing few calls when the games goes on but they already set that table for the HEAT... That is how they do it now...

And the most comical part is that Steve Javie is sitting as a SIDE Reporter to answer any commentators- Jeff Van Gundy etc..... when they have something to say about a particular call to make audience feel that it was ok to call that foul. Really!!!? Seriously. :shocked

But as I mentioned in another thread the Spurs will be able to block all that and play their game and be super patient and have an efficient game to have enough reserve in their tank to overcome such margin of error for such refs abusing their powers!

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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