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Sure! No doubt Pop is the MASTER of Adjustments in PO and I trust in Pop and his coaching partners to put together a GREAT Master Game plan. I know the Chance is HUGE Pop wins this!!! IT still is s Riddle. But that is the beauty of it. Forget Trends and expectations. It is going to be on the spot wins. To my it is still the BIG THREE (TD, TP, and Manu who will determine the results we can only win with SUPER STARS but we need those supporting role players too.)

If Spurs are able to block all the past games and FOCUS and Follow Pop's Game Plan, they win. If Pop DEMANDS Spurs to Do his plan and yank them enough with the right subbs and time outs and SPEECHES, Spurs will win!! Trust in Pop!!!!!

Go Spurs Go!

Here is what USA Today had put today...

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The San Antonio Spurs want to play big. They built their first two championships on the "Twin Towers" of David Robinson and Tim Duncan. They recreated the formula this season, again allowing Duncan's low-post scoring ability to shine while controlling the boards and dictating tempo.

But few teams want to let them. Small ball has taken over the NBA as teams have one true big man surrounded by four perimeter players. The style increases spacing and creates transition opportunities, with the Miami Heat being one of the most obvious benefactors.

The Heat returned to, and forced the Spurs to follow in, their small-ball ways in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, asserting themselves for a 109-93 victory that evened the series at 2-2. But Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has no interest in discussing the shift.

"I only care about what's going on right now in this series," Popovich said to USA TODAY Sports. "I'm not concerned about trends in the NBA."
Go Spurs Go!
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