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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
Give Spoelstra Credit

He went with a smaller line-up in game 4 and didn't use two traditional big men together the entire game. Udonis Haslem only played 15 minutes off the bench, and Chris Anderson didn't get a single horn. According to ESPNs research in games 1-3 the Heat had two bigs on the floor together 35% of the time. That's a pretty significant change.

That's fascinating, thanks for sharing that.

That actually is indicative of a couple different things, though. A move that drastic suggests some level desperation on the part of the Heat. It isn't the "kitchen sink" level where they just throw anything they can in hopes of something good happening; it's more controlled than that. Still, though, it's a dramatic shift from what they've been doing all series and all playoffs long. They recognized that their current gameplan wasn't going to win, so they shifted it dramatically.

From the Spurs perspective, that's also good news. The Heat won Game 4 on the strength of a scheme that the Spurs never had a chance to prepare for. The Spurs didn't make any so drastic adjustments for Game 4, meaning that the Heat were at a clear advantage -- to use a crude analogy, the Heat knew the Spurs were going to throw 'Rock', so they switched from throwing 'Scissors' to throwing 'Paper'.

Now, the Spurs have two days to prepare for the Heat's new scheme. The Heat will make adjustments, sure, but odds are they won't be drastic: it would be very difficult for the Heat to find and implement a third drastically different scheme. We've shown that, when each team knows the other's scheme, we have a great chance of winning.
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