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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
No, I just think he is a step slower now, period. Age and playing all summer long and so on will do that. He has played ALOT in his life! PERIOD! HE IS OLD NOW.
True that Manu is OLD and slower, and has a lot of mileage on his body, but look at WADE and his style of play had put his body through a lot of tear and wear, still the HEART and CHALLENGE made him play that GREAT in game 4 vs Spurs...This makes me think that Manu has some issues with hesitation and MIND BLOCKS stopping his usual confidence to do the minimum of one decent game in this finals. Manu so far was able to that game winner 3 in the GSW series.....That is what I need to see some pulse...

Originally Posted by kmgospurs View Post
No I think his hamstring injuries are still bothering him and he won't be right until at least a few months of rest. I've seen him have to run into the tunnel lately at the beginning of the games while the starters are playing just to work on stretches and other excericises to keep him warm. This is why I wonder if having him come off the bench anymore is a good thing when by the time he enters he's not warmed up but really cold. Even some commentators and even one of his Argie friends said he's not healthy or 100%.

Good point kmgospurs

Maybe that is the underlying issue with Manu's mental block and confidence and he is trying to hide it with that hesitation...

I am actually now leaning towards Manu is hiding an injury now.

This is the only reason. He is playing this poor. Manu is compensating and trying to stick it but poor thing he just can't catch a break....

I had noticed Pop in the interview yesterday telling the commentator before the game 4 that he NEVER TRUSTS MANU to tell him about his injury. That had to go a long way of why Manu had never recovered from his injuries in the past. Since Manu HATES sitting and waiting to heal.... Pop lost all trust in Manu to say the true injury Manu is feeling.

So I guess Manu can be still used by Pop as a DECOY!!! Still since he is a super star he will still occupy the floor and try to facilitate and try to play D or do whatever he can to get Spurs some rhythm. You never know maybe he can catch some lucky shot like he did in the GSW game....

Go Manu Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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