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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
We can make all the adjustments in the world, it isn't going to matter: we'll win Game 5 on the Heat's complacency. When the Heat want to win, they win. They just get so complacent because of how rarely they're truly challenged and because, in their experience, they can always win when they need to. We'll win Game 5 because they'll borderline take the game off, and then they'll be shocked in Game 6 when the Spurs don't back down the way the Pacers did.

Very possible based on the past trend Joyner.

This will not happen that naturally!!! Spurs must still work so hard to get the Win IMO....

Spurs must IMPOSE Their WILL power again especially since Spurs need that momentum going to Miami. They wet their bed game 4 and now they need to go to Miami to close them.

Not that worried about my Spurs.
They will bounce back game 5 and win.
Go Spurs Go!
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