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THIS GAME is all about WILL POWER of Who wants it MORE!!!!!

Spurs TEAM HOME SWEET HOME Cooking had been stewing since Thursday night loss in San Anton!

Do or Die time now! We need that Momentum before going to Miami!
DRAW that LINE in the SAND Spurs!!!!!

A MUST win for the Spurs that is for sure!

No EXCUSES whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zero Tolerance for Errors.
With few tweaks here from Pop will fix those errors in game 4.

Remember why you are here!!! You worked so hard all year to get here.... You belong here.
Stay Confident and never lose that Edge!
Don't get synthesized with all the LBJ Hype and lose that PURPOSE!
All of that goes away if you Focus for 48 minutes of hell and make the Win Happen.

If Spurs healthy and play with GREATER SENSE of URGENCY with the APPROPRIATE FEAR, there is no other team on EARTH that can beat them... Only Spurs can best Spurs. 98% of this game is Mental.

Spurs will make the needed adjustments and apply full PRESSURE SUFFOCATING D and bounce back IMHO. They usually do because they HATE losing and they have always been so resilient esp in PO....

FOCUS for 48 minutes and get the W!!!

Spurs TEAM Win game 5 IMO and stick it to Miami with a Statement Game! Then Spurs carry that MOMENTUM and take it to Miami to finish them off!!!

LETS Do this and never trail back again Spurs!
Lets Win Game 5 Spurs!!!
Two more wins Baby!

Go Spurs Go!

Go Spurs Go!
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