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Here are my two cents on needed Spurs adjustments.

1. Spurs need to RE ASSERT their Defensive Rotation and never allow any SUPER CONFIDENCE BUILDER FREAKING Miami DUNKS and abusive Fast breaks.

Tighten Up the heck out of that Paint Defense and make Miami go back to shoot jump shots again. Make Miami players afraid to come close or make them earn it from FT if you have too but don't allow dunks or layups. Crowd that Paint area and cut out those passing lanes. Don't let them pass or advance to the paint. Stop them. Block them. Scare them... Do whatever you have to do but never give them any confidence or you are done!!! For the LOVE of God don't be PASSIVE be more ASSERTIVE and AGGRESSIVE! Fight Back strongly! DEFEND your PAINT!

POP needs to play Spurs players who play Better Defense LONGER minutes.

Bottom Line PRESSURE DEFENSE won us games 1 and 3 and we need to come back to that and play with a MUCH MORE SENSE OF URGENCY!!

We already know Spurs need to rebound as hell especially the defensive rebounds for our Spurs.......And we already know Turn overs are a no no....

2. Pop needs to keep the same starting line up however shorten that rotation and not play other than Manu, Neal, Diaw, and of course Joseph. The rest reserves should not play because we want to win now and those are our best bet IMO for defensive purposes.

3. Keep Tony Parker fresh to close the game.... None can close it except the MVP TP.... Please Pop play him fewer minutes to last for the fourth. We need him to close for us the next two games.

4. All Spurs players need to be MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE on the OFFENSIVE End. Try to ATTACK the basket and get the call or the basket. Especially those super stars TD, Manu, And TP since they are most likely to get the calls. But be a little more crafty with that ball as you mentioned in your #4 TRUTH.

I believe Pop and his coaching staff are dissecting that film of game 4 over and over and will find those adjustments with our Spurs during this time between now and Sunday!

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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