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Excellent Read! Hit that nail Right on the HEAD!!

Manu had been the BIGGEST Missing Piece to the Finals Puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wholeheartedly believe Manu will have one or two breakout games coming!!!!

I know a lot of Spurs fans had given up on Manu, but I haven't yet.

I know deep down Manu is 100% HEART and DETERMINATION and PASSION for the GAME and winning the Championship because he is a Champion by Blood and a HOF!

I am not expecting a miracle or being unrealistic. I know age had slowed Manu down of his super athletic moves BUT that is NOT what is causing him to play poorly this PO esp the finals.

Manu had enough time to recover physically and work on his body to stay healthy by Pop preserving his minutes all season long to keep him fresh for the PO.....

PLUS Manu said recently that he WOULD LIKE TO PLAY 2 MORE YEARS. Obviously Manu knows his body can take 2 more years so with less minutes played he will manager to play a lesser role and survive in his own judged mind.

I believe Manu is still trying to adjust his game so he can still be competitive and help this team win more games.

I can see Manu Now has some Mental BLOCKS that is slowing his effective role here....I believe since Manu had been injured for so long, he had became super careful not to do those AGGRESSIVE moves because of two things IMO:

1. Getting injured or maybe aggravating an old injury:

I know Manu is still capable of atrociously ATTACK the basket, but he is leaning towards doing safer moves so he will last longer in the PO. Nothing wrong with that so far in the PO. However after watching Miami's Guard Wade aka Flash last night, I want to tell Manu FORGET the fear of injury now... Just do it Manu!! Do whatever you can do, this is the PO and there is no tomorrow....Chances are super stars HOF's as Manu, TD, and TP will get the call majority of the time. So take your chances and go ahead and be as aggressive as you can Manu. Don't be over cautious any more....Please stop attempt any long or short jump shots... You will IGNITE the whole WORLD if you attack the basket and be your normal Manu the instigator that Brings FEAR in opponents despite you being slowed down now.

2. Manu is afraid not to get the foul:

I can see Manu's frustration how he thought he was fouled at that point but a lot of times those refs are not calling those ticky tack fouls... Yes you need to let them know, but Pop said in the huddle don't expect to get the call all the time, move on and live with it....Don't dwell on that because you are slower on D when you are still thinking about that foul...Recover Quicker than that...Please..

If all Spurs players played a near perfect efficient game they will WIN despite those missed or biased calls.. Trust me Spurs will win despite those stupid non calls. Because Spurs will have enough RESERVOIR to survive despite that margin or errors from the refs.

Refs will give calls to the most aggressor team.

HESITATION happens because Manu doesn't want to mess it up and want a perfect move!!!

I am hoping Manu will reach down to his Soul during the next day and half and come to realize the TRUTH to set us all free and come back with the perfect game and put on his SUPER Manu Rope and disrupt the rhythm of the HEAT and create that MANU HAVOC that Changes Games and WINS Games.

Come on Manu!!! Create History again and do it one more time. Come Out of that Block you created around you and do it! No fear Manu can Great Things!!! Get Motivated and SHOW it! Do whatever you need to do and lead this team back. Tony is hobbled and this team NEEDS you Manu! Get it Done!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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