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Originally Posted by thesuspence281 View Post
#4 +100000000

I dont know what was going on, maybe the were just anxious or what but they had no patience around the basket. it was like they had to get the shot up right away and every time the defenders would go up and since they are longer and more athletic, would get the block.
It's frustrating to watch thesuspence281. I don't know if it's because Timmy has lost all that weight, but I would like to see him clear space like he used to do. Give a bump to the defender, get some space, lay it up, suck the soul out of Chris Bosh, and repeat. Tiago on the other hand is out there like he's afraid of catching cooties. Bump somebody. You are 6 freaking 11. Clear space so you can get your weird ass hook shot up comfortably.
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