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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
How about

5. Move the freaking ball!

When the Spurs are moving the ball, they are unstoppable. When they start dribbling/shooting early/stand around, they are easily stoppable.

And maybe tell Manu he is only allowed to assist. No shots.
I agree katyspursfan. We are at our best when the ball flies all over the court. The problem with yesterday's game was our inability to beat the pressure and traps. The Heat forced us into those mistakes. It's our turn to make adjustments to beat the scheme they are implementing. That's why I feel that #2 and #3 would help out a lot in initiating that movement.

As far as Manu goes, only he can solve that problem. He needs to know that the offense goes as he goes. Barkely said that he has NEVER seen Manu be so passive. Makes me wonder if he's more hurt than he's letting on. If not, he needs to know that attacking the basket will allow him to make better passes since he is sucking in the defense. The defense is giving him that outside shot because they know that he isn't confident. In game 3, he was assertive in the first half with the dunks and lay ups. If we get that Manu, things will open up for him and the Spurs. The question is if Pop will make the adjustments to make it easier for Manu to find those lanes.

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