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Game 5 Adjustments - What does everyone think?

What's up everybody? Just wanted to see if anyone saw some positives from last nights game. We all know the negatives: the turnovers, lack of ball movement, and D Wade's ugly face. There were some bright spots and I feel that a couple of things could be done to try and get Spurs basketball back on track.
  1. Boris Diaw
    In the limited minutes that Boris played he was effective. He was active in the paint and looked for his shot. He had a couple of high-low post plays with Tim that lead to freethrows for Timmy. Placing Boris at the high post opens up a few more options for the Spurs.
  2. Passing out of the double team pressure earlier
    This is what got us in trouble yesterday. I feel that the pressure came quickly yesterday and our players did not adjust at all. The Heat came aggressive with their double teams which were well past the 3 point line which flustered our guards and forced them into bad passes. If our players pass out early, more ball movement can be experienced.
  3. Setting screens earlier to free the guards up
    Since the pressure is almost near halfcourt at times, send a big to set a screen early to free up the guard or at least give him the angle to make the extra pass. Again, this will lead to more ball movement and SPURS BASKETBALL.
  4. Remind our bigs how to pump fake
    The Heat are dying to block shots and our bigs are playing right into their hands by not playing smarter. Tiago was excellent all year long at going up and under to finish on the other side of the rim. I just think him and Tim are rushing their shots a little and need to bring it back to basics. Heat defenders are willing leapers and we need to use it against them. Even a pump fake will get them in the air and can draw a foul. Tiago may be too slow for the swarming defense of the Heat so maybe getting him his shots near the lower blocks will prevent him from getting blocked directly in the middle of the paint.

Those are a few things I feel could be done to come away with a game 5 victory. Please weigh in with your thoughts.
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