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Man, how did they even DO that?

I mean, I know the Heat were destined for a breakout game. We held their Big 3 below 20 points for three games in a row. No team has done that since the Miami Big 3 were created three years ago.

But still. To dominate so hard that the NBA gives them two Finals wins, and retroactively strips one of the Spurs wins? To play so well that they took a 2-1 deficit and turned it into a 3-1 lead, completely overturning every rule and guideline in the book? Now that's impressive.

...wait, you mean they didn't do that? You mean the series is tied 2-2? Just like 2003 and 2005? You mean the Spurs' record of never trailing in a Finals is intact?

Oh. With all the doom and gloom around here and the talk about trading players and adjusting lineups and how desperate moves are the only way we even stand a chance, I would've thought we were actually in a dire situation.

We're three days removed from the third-biggest Finals win of all time. Keep calm, make adjustments, and move on. We're OK.
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