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Originally Posted by Racspur View Post
Worth a shot IMHO ... Might just be the thing that will finally light a fire under his butt !!! While he's not the manu of old I believe it's inside him somewhere and the vote of confidence might be just what he needs ! I still like our chances in the finals but if this would work I can guarantee you Spurs would bring home # 5 !!!
Not sure I understand this. Most coaches bench players to light a fire under their butt but we are gonna "reward" Manu by putting him in the starting lineup. I don't think that is the answer.

It's 2-2. No reason to panic just yet. Very few teams have swept the middle three games of the Finals. Limit TO's (<10), win the 50/50 ball battle, play solid defense and win the rebound battle and you can win games.
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