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Not worried about this loss.
I am CONFIDENT my Spurs can Do MUCH BETTER than HEAT Next games.

It was doomed game.
Miami was under do or DIE situation.
LBJ was the INSTIGATOR and he promised to win it for them.
And the Refs were just too biased.
That was because the rating on game 3 was the LOWEST since 07.
I knew STERN would send those refs.
Now the Spurs must play with a HUGE SENSE OF URGENCY.

It is the BEST of THREE and Game 5 is a MUST Win for our Spurs.

We can do this guys.
It is all up for GRABS and I know 2 more wins CAN and WILL Be done!!!
Spurs can win 2 of 3 if they FOCUS and PUT ALL THEIR HEART AND SOUL in it.

I am feeling positive Pop will make the NEEDED adjustments.

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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