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This is the NBA Finals...VS the defending Champs....It's not gonna be easy!

I think after getting that Game 1 or the 3 point barrage in game 3 some of us(even myself) thought we could beat this Heat team on Sunday Night in 5 games...

Guess's not that easy...

The Heat are good...and when they get it rolling they are very very hard to stop....and even better when there backs are against the wall...

It's 2-2...Even after tonight loss deep down you gotta feel ok for our chances...

We are not down in this series....The Heat have never had a lead..

Many of you like myself are prob saying/thinking that to win a game in MIA this late in the series will be will be.

But if before the year started you would take us being in the Finals 2-2 with Miami and guess what we are right there...we can get one game in MIA...But it's gonna have to start with a huge effort in game #5.

Tha Championship trophy is right there for us to take... Our guys are gonna play there's asses off and hopefully they can pull it out.. I think they will.

Things in life are not always easy....the Spurs will have to set the tempo and I'm sure they will be ready to go on Sunday Night....It's a must WIN and we take it from there...But lets give this series the proper title it deserves...

A heavy weight matchup...we have a great series unfolding...

don't get to high or to low after every game..Lets go out in Game 5 and play Spurs basketball..

Brooklyn's #1 Spurs fan!!!
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