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Originally Posted by DDAMAGE View Post
I just heard on BSPN that Mike Miller might start tonight. Does that change anything for the Spurs? Who guards him? Thanks.
don't be surprised if Tiago guards him. this is what the Spurs went through in 2005 with the Suns. Pop moved Bowen to the PF spot on defense to guard Marion, Duncan moved over to guard Q-Rich (if i remember correctly) and Nazr played the pick and roll. when Horry came in, he played SF while TD moved to C.

i think that would be the best decision. this would force LeBron to take Kawhi every possession or at least the great majority of it and wear him down. if the Spurs want to leave Bosh open, then you have TD in the paint (or Tiago in the paint and have TD guarding Miller in the perimeter).

the thing about this is they're sacrificing defense for offense. now you have this question:

who's going to stop TP and TD on offense? is Miami banking that TP is too hurt to be effective?

this would also (or should anyway) Manu on the pick and roll with no paint protection (they didn't have any as is w/ the former lineup).
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