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If you are going to use game 3 as further proof that Manu is struggling, then you might as well throw Tim and Tony under that bus as well. Yeah his numbers were not great yes, but neither were tim or tony's.

Manu had 6 assists in 23 minutes and only 2 turnovers. I'll take that from him in the limited minutes. The way we were playing we didnt need him to be that great.

As for Kawhi, he has been playing great. I still get a little nervous when he is leading the break. He's not a great passer, it seems like his decision making is a little slow and deliberate. He had the two fast breaks you can point to and say he made the right pass, but it just doesn't seem like it flows well for him, it looks like he slows down to make the pass. Maybe I'm alone in thinking that, but I would rather see him give the ball up, and be the finisher instead of the distributor.
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