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I have to agree with Uwe and Jose’s assessment above, but I want it known that I’m not a Dwight Howard fan. This guy creates too much drama and media attention for those around him and might detract from the Spurs as a team. However, the skills this guy possesses is awesome and if the Spurs were to corral him, we could be looking at the making for another Finals run, instantly. But he has to be gotten with a reasonable contract that will not cripple the Spurs in the future, in the event Howard wants to start calling press conferences at his pleasure and the Spurs can drop him like a hot rock. With Howard wearing the silver and black, the team dynamic would be mind boggling but someone needs to sit down with this kid and explain the facts of life to him. All in all, if he can be gotten for a reasonable price and has Pop's thumbs up OK stamp on it, I’ll jump on board. I just hope Howard doesn't take all summer to decide where he's going to sign/play and doesn't cripple the Spurs' signing other available free agents, if we have cap remaining.
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