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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
Ginobili played well throughout the first 3-4 games of the 2005 series. TD showed up for Game 7 and stole it.

it's not exactly for the whole series, especially if one guy tends to dominate the money quarter like TD did in Game 7.
It's an opinion by a panel of people. Razor thin it went to TD and I had no issue with that. I was just saying that Manu if he got it was deserving. It is meant to be for the whole series. In hockey it is for sure the series because the losing team could actually have the MVP of the series even in the Stanley cup Finals. It's happened before. The NBA MVP of the league is for the MVP of the league not for the most valuable to his own team. Playoffs it's not the same rules. But the people who vote decide that. The material they vote on is not the same but the actual meaning is the MVP of the series to the winning team. I doubt if TD averaged 20 and 10 the whole Finals and Bonner got 30 points in Game 7 hit the winning three at the buzzer on the road etc. that Bonner would get Finals MVP. Wouldn't happen.
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