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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post

scary how we're agreeing so much nowadays huh?

Howard on his worst day plays better than Splitter and (by WillTheThrill's numerology) is slated to make around $10 mill. a hurt Howard this year is worth $8 mill more than that Tiago price.

if we can let Splitter walk for Howard, you're talking about a new dimension on the offense. Howard can now get touches in the paint, something Tiago can't do successfully. Howard can pick and roll with TP while TD spots up (something Tiago can do, but Howard can finish strong).

the gripe in LA is simple: the Lakers are trying to please Nash & Kobe with that style. everyone knows that style doesn't work. if you criticize D'Antoni, you're on Howard's side and vice versa. if Howard comes to SA, he'll be a part of the offense on every player and he can defend the paint athletically with TD being able to block shots too. Chip can help him out with his free throw shooting too.

if we can renounce anyone we can and keep our starting 1-4 while adding Howard, the league will be on notice.
I hope if Splitter gets big money it's not from the Spurs.
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