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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
so Uwe's comments are good b/c he said it all along, but when i agree with Uwe, i'm wrong because i finally realized Manu is a shell of a shell of himself?

better late than never.
As I expected you just see whatever you want to see and ignore all the rest of what is said.

I called Uwe on another thread for his "Manu-hating" when a thread was about 15 mins of poor basketball from the whole team and he replied as if all 15 minutes were all Manu's fault for two bad plays (a missed 3 and a turnover). I argued he was only looking at Manu's bad plays and was completely ignoring all the rest of the things Manu and the rest of the team were doing.

In this thread he just commented that Kawhi needs to get some of Manu's touches and gave good reasons about why that would benefit Kawhi's game.
I think it's not that much about "touches" but about having more plays where Kawhi's number is called (Manu could still be the one initiating the offense in some of them).

In this thread I'm calling you specifically because you were arguing the Manu's vs Kawhi's touches with a hating tone on Manu (see the part I bolded from your post in my first reply) instead of using "actual reasoning" as you call it.
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