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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I tried reading it too but then realized how silly it was to do so. Here is an ESPN reporter, probably jumping on the Spurs bandwagon for the first time in his career, telling his loyal national audience that ESPN has groomed for decades into what is the mentality of their NBA fan base. I think it's great that they are doing this and it's about time. With so many small market teams having success, sports reporting may finally need to evolve into coveting team play over superstars one on one but history leaves me skeptical. Bottom line, as a Spurs fan, he writes nothing I don't already know, so why bother reading it.
You don't know his writing history at all apparently. He doesn't write much exclusive on the Spurs (except for the time last year he lost his crap and anointed us the best team in 10 years before we lost 4 straight to OKC), but he always loves on the Spurs. His Book of Basketball has Duncan as the 7th greatest player ever. Spurs fans are too dang sensitive.
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