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Someone is bound to be on tonite and Miami can't stop all of our shooters But I wish Danny didn't say that Lebron was stopping himself... Just the kind of thing that gets a guy going. Miami just doesn't have the mentality to defeat us. Too much overwhelmingly respect for the Spurs. Duncan was one of Boshs'favorite players growing up, Lebron respects the hell out of or coach and Duncan & Co., Danny Green was his teammate, and most important... The Spurs don't play dirty or make you hate them. It's like a friendly game of horse with then, no killer instinct. Spurs never trash talk, just always give respect and even stick up for their star players. How do you get up for that? Do you punch your friend in the face for nothing or some jerk who spits in you face? The truly greats go for the kill no matter who is the opponent.
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