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HUGE CHARACTER TEST For DA SPURS!!! IT will show what are they made of!!!!!!

Coach Pop most likely prepared Spurs for the WORST....Spurs coaching staff already know how the trend is with this HEAT IMO... It should not matter if we win like game 1 by few points or by a blow out like game 3.

This is a Must win for the HEAT and they never lost 2 in a row since Jan....So

HEAT will POUR all they have and be in SUPER ATTACK mode.
LBJ said today that he guarantees to play better and do whatever it takes.... If LBJ become SUPPER AGGRESSIVE his team will feed off of him and it will be a very competitive game.

TP might or might not play but Pop might even if he plays be cautious with him. I trust Pop to do whatever is best for this team but TP being less aggressive and slowed by this should not be an excuse for the rest of the Spurs to become less aggressive!!!!!!!!!

The biggest TEST would be that we need all the other Spurs ALL of them and I mean ALL of them to play a flawless game with the appropriate fear/respect to the HEAT.

Spurs must know by now their Transition DEFENSE and REBOUNDING and Not Turning the Ball over will win them the game. All that is supposed to become natural if the Spurs decided to show up!!!

The worst thing could happen here is becoming complacent and satisfied with that blow out game 3 and play passive relaxed game....

That we can not afford to go through...

MANU can come up BIG and write HISTORY tomorrow... If Manu brings his best game tomorrow and Step up BIG!!! With is aggressive attitude, Spurs win game 4 with no question.

I know Timmy Duncan will play a very solid game tomorrow too.

If All Spurs put their HEARTS and SOULS and keep their AGGRESSIVE and CONFIDENT attitudes of never let go until you win they have a great chance to win this game 4.

Go Spurs Go
LETS GO GET EM SPURS and win game 4!!!!
Two more wins baby!
Go Spurs Go!
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