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Probably correct that now is not the time to bash Bonner. Or anyone, 2 games from another title. Bonner has had a horrible run in the playoffs historically. When defense intensifies and rotations speed up, he just doesn't have the agility or release to create his own shots, or even get his 3's off quick enough. He can't put it on the floor, and I think his last assist was probably in Toronto... He played well enough by comparison, the first 3 series this year. At least from what we come to expect. He's better at guarding someone who he can just body, and wait for help. Thats why he looked better vs the Grizz. Banged on Randolph, and hung on til the help arrived. This series is just another one that has bad matchup written on it for him. Any lateral movement, like guarding a Bosh, is way beyond his capability. Pop looks like he's going to throw him in for a few minutes, and see if he can knock down a shot or 2. If not, keep him on a short leash. Where was Diaw by the way? Are we settling in to playing 4 smalls at times?
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