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Originally Posted by pjm View Post
I'll take Uwe's comments since he has been saying it all along. But you are just jumping into the Manu-hating bandwagon right now.
i do hate his play. he hasn't done anything special and he's not getting flack for it. if Green didn't make 3's, he'd be horrid. if TP wasn't playing at a high level, he was overrated.

Manu? well if he sucks, that's because no one else is stepping up. let's get real, he's overpaid at $14 million and the only play from Game 3 that's being talked about is a wide open dunk.

if that's Manu hating, then sign me up.

it always seems that if you disagree or don't like the way the (arguably) most popular player is playing, it's "hating". yet, no one is coming to his defense with actual reasoning. it's always "he'll show up the next game".
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