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IF (big IF) the Heat lose, it'd be mainly with Pop exposing what they can't do and them not willing to adjust. common wisdom says Wade should be a decoy and move to the 3rd slot while Bosh becomes more aggressive closer to the paint against Splitter. instead, you see LeBron get his looks and touches and no one else making it easier for him.
Wade should be a decoy, but even if wanted to put Bosh in the post, they probably won't because to do so would have an effect in 2 areas. 1-Him being there means the driving lanes that both LBJ and Wade won't be so open because the Spurs bigs will no longer be pulled out to the areas Bosh normally occupies. 2-It means that they are changing who they are despite the success it's brought them the last 2 seasons. It's hard to change who you are. You can do it if you are disciplined but I don't think that this Miami Heat team has that as a strength. Words like Discipline and Honor are outmatched against words like Glory and Athleticism.
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