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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Jose G did miss it...........AGAIN!

Jose is very smart and knows a lot about basketball(sometimes). But since I typed it........He has a knack of replying to what he wants to read or understand and not the whole picture of my point or points. He says I have a hate fetish for Bonner. Not really just being honest be honest. I hated Rasho and they traded him to get Bonner which was an awesome move in 2006. Only thing was he got paid more and more to be an Horry replacement(slot wise) and has crumbled in the playoffs when the lights came on. Last night was not the only night a role player or two has stepped up Big 3 playing awesome or not. Thanks and I'm looking forward to someone answering that last question you have.
oh that's the point, then the question is easy.

Bonner has had 2009-2012 TD and the team alongside him. who the heck are you going to double from those years to get Bonner open?

Bonner never had a Tiago Splitter next to him either. in 2009 Bonner was our best big not named Tim Duncan. when you don't double TD, you stay on Bonner.

right now, you have to double TP off the pick and roll mainly because of Splitter's rolling and TD's shooting. you can't get both of that when Bonner is in there BUT you can get both of that when Green/Neal are in there.

end story, Parker set the tone. once Parker's passing and ball movement was activated, the Heat's game plan was exposed. if Parker didn't pass out of double teams and expose the Heat's plan, no way is there ball movement (especially 5 passes before a Neal J) to beat the Heat.

coming up with a thread on bashing Bonner just because is getting tiresome. Neal wasn't this good last season either because the team wasn't as good, same with Green. now they're getting open looks when they didn't last season. unless Bonner can play the 1-3 positions, he won't be getting the same air room that the Spurs two bigs give the perimeter guys.
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