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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
In his defense he did dunk tonight as you said but his shot is horrible and he turned it over doing silly crap again tonight. That is a fact. The overweight think I don't know about as thats probably not true! But he is definitely not right now or just older now and can't drive like he could and does some silly TO's out there that give the other team fuel. Forget Manu now we need to rely on others and what he gives is a bonus! IF he gives. Thats reality! One dunk will not change that Will. I love Manu but he is done right now as far as being a scorer and efficient player goes, thats where Green and Leonard come in now.

This to me is not about Manu anymore, this is about us winning the finals and these arguments are silly, it is what it is and watching play shows where he is at now. We need a team effort and if he contributes FINE! I will take it, but he is not a key to this team right now.
I'm not saying Manu is Manu after dunking. I'm saying he is not overweight. His miles are high and he is older. That's the main reason not his diet or weight. My point was only on that subject not Manu is back baby!
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