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Originally Posted by pjm View Post
Jose, I think you missed the point here.

From what I understand the argument here is comparing Green and Neal's game from this game from past playoff experiences (Will is probably referring to 2008-2012) from Bonner.
Green and Neal could have big games and a big impact in the game despite the "Big 3" being subpar last game. Then the question is why wasn't Bonner able to do that between 2008 and 2012 playoffs?

Jose G did miss it...........AGAIN!

Jose is very smart and knows a lot about basketball(sometimes). But since I typed it........He has a knack of replying to what he wants to read or understand and not the whole picture of my point or points. He says I have a hate fetish for Bonner. Not really just being honest be honest. I hated Rasho and they traded him to get Bonner which was an awesome move in 2006. Only thing was he got paid more and more to be an Horry replacement(slot wise) and has crumbled in the playoffs when the lights came on. Last night was not the only night a role player or two has stepped up Big 3 playing awesome or not. Thanks and I'm looking forward to someone answering that last question you have.
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