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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you're being too simplistic when it comes to the game of basketball with this assessment.

Manu's points are different from Parker's.

TP had a low amount of points, but the entire Heat defense was focused on him. Ginobili wasn't the focus of the Heat defense and didn't do well.

when you take that into account, TP didn't really have "a bad game" while Manu didn't have a "good game". the ball movement from double teams that Parker would face help confirm that while Ginobili didn't have that same scheme.

now Bonner. yeah he sucked, but he only played 12 minutes anyway in a game that was meaningless for the majority of those minutes. in other words, Bonner's play really didn't matter anyway. that's like arguing why Patty Mills sucked in garbage time.

Bonner is one of the last guys in the rotation in this series unlike when he was a huge factor in the LA Lakers series (mainly because of LeBron at the 4), so your Bonner hating fetish has no basis this series. if you want to get on someone, get on Ginobili who hasn't shown up at all these playoffs. he's part of the Big 3, Bonner is just a role player.
It went way over your head even though I made it very simple for anyone to understand. I wasn't talking about last night. It really had nothing to do with Bonner's game last night. I was talking about Bonner the previous Bonner playoff years when he had all the chances in the world. Neal is just a role player and so is Bonner. Why are you a Bonner defender now? Is it because it's coming from me? lol. The Big 3 didn't suck but they didn't have the "Big 3" type of game last night. Role players stepped up scoring wise. You still have to score more points than the other team to win. Bonner didn't step up the previous years. The Big 3 is really not the big three of the past and you pointed it out with Manu so thanks for doing that. It highlighted my point even more because this playoff run others have stepped up on a less powerful Big 3. Bottom line Bonner sucked in the past and sucks now. That was my point. Guess you became a Bonner lover around the All Star break.
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